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Digitalise your harbor with GoMarina

Save time and give your guests a better experience! 

Why choose GoMarina?


Easy payment

Payment  by app or payment kiosk, unique codes for access are generated in every purchase. It cant be easier! 


Easy to use

The system is quick and easy to implement and use. Simplify access for your guests. 


All data in one place

GoMarina gathers all your guest statistics in one place. It simplifies the administration of your harbor. 


Save time

When payment and access is digitalized you provide more time to manage the practical aspects of your harbor.  


Reduce carbon footprint

GoMarina products reduce electricity and water waste. Help secure the future of the next generation of sailors.


Easy to use and it is available in many harbors. 

Arne Thorvald Aanonsen

Tvedestrand Kommune


40% increased revenue with less work. Easy self-service.

Roar Johnsen

Trondheim Havn

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