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Vi strävar efter att behaga

  • How does GoMarina work?
    The GoMarina team will help you to set up an admin page for your harbor as soon as you sign on. The system allows you to choose payment with app or a payment kiosk. The funds that passes through GoMarina is sent to your bank account once a month.
  • How do we get our members to use GoMarina?
    Your guests can download the app or pay in one of our payment kiosks.
  • How does the payment work?
    The system supports Visa and MasterCard, both in the app and the payment kiosk. Your bank details are registered during the signing on process and you recieve your settlement once a month.
  • Do every guest have to pay through GoMarina?
    No, if there are other payment solutions available, its up to the guest, but its encouraged because its more popular today to pay digitally. This is partly because they're saved the effort of finding a crewmember or feel like they have to wait in the boat for someone to come up and also because its less common to carry cash.
  • Our site is gated, can we still sign on?"
    Absolutely, our access system makes it possible to connect locks to payments.
  • Is the app free? Where can I find it?
    Yes, GoMarina is free for download from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. You can also find the links below: Download for Android Download for iOS Download for Huawei
  • Where can I use the app to pay my harbor fees?
    Over 350 harbors in Scandinavia and Germany offers payment through GoMarina. We are constantly recieving requests from sites who wishes to get GoMarina. You can see an up to date map of these sites in the app under the Explore menu. Once you choose the harbor you can see the available products, if you need more information about the site you can click the I (for info) and the relevant information from the harbor is displayed.
  • Where can I find my receipt?
    Your receipts are saved in the app under the My Purchases menu. Here you find all your recent receipts sorted by date. Scroll downwards to find your older receipts and click to expand to see detailed information. Tips: You can send your receipts to an emailadress by clicking the envelope.
  • I have purchased a product that needs a code to activare, where do I find the code?"
    If you have purchased a product or a service that requires a code, like for example electricity, showers or laundry machines, the code needed is available on your recepit in the app. See answer about where to find your receipt if needed.
  • I have received a code to activate a service that I have bought but I cant make it work
    When you activate a product, make sure that the display says "ENTER PIN". When it shows "ENTER PIN", enter the code from your receipt followed by a #. Example: 1234# After the code is comfirmed, depending on the device, you might need to choose what to activate in the device. If there are several devices to choose, for example outlets, follow the instructions on the display. Recap: Enter PIN followed by #, then select device/service
  • How do we know who visits our harbor?
    Every guest who pays with the app has registered their user information and boat/vehicle-name, and image. This information is available in PortAdmin and export statistics.
  • How do I charge via GoMarina?
    In order to be able to charge in the app or the payment machine, the harbor manager adds the fees or the so-called products in PortAdmin. You have total overview and control. The system supports harbor fees, but also other things such as laundry or additional fees for electricity.
  • How are payments checked?
    There is a dedicated control page in PortAdmin where all payments are visible. There you can also filter and see contact information for the paying guests. The page is adapted for mobile phones and tablets so staff on the go can have an overview.
  • Our site already have several power pillars, can we connect them to GoMarina?"
    Yes, the system is designed to fit your existing outlets. This allows you to make your harbor more automated without a large investment cost.
  • What can be automated with GoMarina Access?
    GoMarina Access supports almost every electronic device, gates, electronic locks, power pillars, washing machines etc.
  • Does the GoMarina Access require power cables between each epuipment?
    No, every device works independently.
  • How does the guest activate the device?
    The guest recieves a unique pin code after a purchase in the GoMarina app or payment kiosk. The code is entered on the GoMarina Access device and is activated.
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